About Energy Challenges UK

Energy Challenges UK is an education project that is run by the Young People’s Trust for the Environment. It has been established to help primary schools in the UK to reduce their environmental impacts, whilst engaging pupils and teachers in exciting new projects that address key issues around energy use, climate change, single use plastics and wildlife.

Participating schools receive completely free educational content and materials (including lesson plans, assemblies and ideas for activities) throughout the academic year via our online platform. This includes new video challenges for your pupils being set by actor and Radio 1 presenter Cel Spellman and adventurer Pip Stewart that you can show directly to your class.

Making Teaching Environmental Issues Fun

The objective is to make teaching environmental topics easy for teachers by reducing the amount of time it takes to prepare and deliver lessons that their students will love. Our activities are split across three terms, each with a distinctive theme:

Term 1: Energy & Climate Change

Learn about energy savings, how your school can cut its carbon emissions and what we can do to help tackle the future impacts of climate change.

Term 2: Plastic & Waste

Learn about how your school can go single use plastic free, increase recycling rates and help reduce the amount of plastic pollution in our ocean.

Term 3: Wildlife & Biodiversity

Learn about local and global wildlife, showing how you can enhance biodiversity within your school grounds and support global conservation projects.

Additional Benefit for your School

One of the overriding benefits of taking part in Energy Challenges UK is that you will be given support to help cut your school’s energy consumption by up to 30% -through a combination of a pupil-led behaviour change programme and a professional survey, which will enable you to understand what technical measures can be installed on your school building to reduce your energy use. At a time of rising energy prices and increasing awareness of climate change, this is an excellent opportunity to take action to reduce your school’s energy costs and cut its carbon footprint.

How is Energy Challenges UK funded?

Energy Challenges UK has been made possible due to funding secured through 2imprezs, an EU project that is co-funded by the Interreg North Sea Region Programme 2014-2020. The project acts as a catalyst to implement energy saving measures in school buildings across the North Sea Region, which includes parts of the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Southend Borough Council (SBC) is the sole UK Partner in 2imprezs and has worked in collaboration with the Young People's Trust for the Environment to develop Energy Challenges UK. Helping schools to reduce their energy consumption and associated carbon emissions has been a priority action area for SBC since it launched its first Low Carbon Energy and Sustainability Strategy in 2015.

A key deliverable of 2imprezs was to ensure that schools will continue to benefit from the funding well beyond the lifetime of the project, which is why SBC has handed over the running and management of Energy Challenges UK to the Young People’s Trust for the Environment. The objective for Energy Challenges UK is to now engage as many primary schools in the UK as possible.